Be careful with recredentialing

So my boss came up to me because we’re considering hiring a new neurosurgeon who is also in HPRP and had a lot of questions for me.

Apparently he got a DUI over a year ago and has been in the program since with no issues. Hospitals legally can’t fire you for that, but they can deny hospital privileges on recredentialing aka not renew your contract aka fire you, which is what happened to him.

Everyone has been there at least once in your life where you hope to god you don’t get pulled over because you may be over the limit. Well what if you did get pulled over? It can completely ruin your life if you’re a doctor.

Everyone with a DUI automatically gets reported to HPRP whether you self report or they find out on recredentialing. After that it doesn’t matter if you were the best doctor in the world, everyone immediately looks at you different. All of a sudden you are a liability, even though I’d argue you are less so now because you have HPRP controlling your life. Your career takes a sudden sharp turn down into oblivion. Everyone all of a sudden thinks your incapable of being trusted and are going to show up to work drunk even though the only difference between you and them is that you got caught.

Imagine being a neurosurgeon, one of the longest training programs out there where you’re broke your entire life and now all of a sudden you have one of the highest paying jobs in America. And then you mess up once and it’s all gone. This guy is married with two kids and worked at the prestigious Henry Ford Hospital (same hospital that treated me like garbage when I showed up covered in bruises with a broken clavicle and told them I was afraid to go home because I had an abusive boyfriend living there, and they in return told me that if I missed one more day of work I wouldn’t graduate making it even harder for me to get help). And now I hear whispers of my “erratic behavior” at that time which they of course attributed to me being “on drugs” not the fact that I was literally being abused and essentially human trafficked at home. And now this neurosurgeon can’t get a job to save his life.

I really do hope they do hire him, I’m rooting for him. If they do we’re going to have a long chat….

More and more people are getting extorted by HPRP every day and nothing changes. I get emails at least once a month from people asking for advice. These monitoring programs are ruining people’s lives professionally, financially, and mentally. Something needs to be done. I just hope to god someone reads this who knows how…