Michigan HPRP provider list

Since I was only given two names in the very beginning, who both had an upfront $400 out of pocket charge on TOP of insurance for “paperwork” only for HPRP (which I didn’t know until I got there and they demanded payment before seeing me, and they don’t all have extra charges like that) I’m going to give you guys a full list of all approved providers and in the next few weeks I will be calling every one and will soon list all of their upfront charges. I’m still 100% convinced there is a quid-pro-quo situation going on here and that the real reason my initial evaluator (Dr Fox- DONT GO TO HIM) grossly exaggerated and even lied on my initial evaluation and then refused to let me see it is because if he didn’t send me to rehab then HPRP wouldn’t “trust him anymore” (he actually said this to me, wish I recorded it) and then he would lose out on this huge cash intake. So don’t go to evaluators who charge an upfront fee!! Here’s the full list as of 8/28/20, will soon update with the fees

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