Since HPRP is apparently spying on my anonymous blog- which by itself is not only a huge invasion of privacy but considering it’s ANONYMOUS don’t know how can be used against me in any way… the story I recently posted is from a FRIEND of mine I posted as my own. This blog is intended to get the word out about unfair punishments in the system. Not every story is about me. Talk about invasion of privacy. Also it’s very clear from the story that my friend did nothing wrong anyways. Apparently you literally have no privacy left in HPRP anymore. What’s next, Cameras in my house? And the fact that it was only a few HOURS after I posted it clearly means they have alerts set for when I write new posts. Well so much for being able to talk freely. Apparently I literally have no freedoms left anymore.

To HPRP which I’m sure will be the first ones reading this… I don’t know how you sleep at night. You are literally ruining people’s lives. Nothing you have ever done has ever helped me in anyway, but you have made me feel worthless, powerless, and hopeless. So many times I have just debated quitting being a doctor entirely because of all this, but I really do love my job and I’m very good at it and literally save people’s lives everyday. All you do is ruin them. You are the most corrupt organization on the planet. I truly don’t believe my step 2 ever happened. I was never given names of the people in this “mystery committee”. I think it was designed to make us believe there was an appeals process in case we ever tried to sue, but there really isn’t. And apparently you have no privacy left anymore.

Does ANYONE that gets referred to you ever NOT end up in a contract? We all know the answer is no. You will torture anyone you can for $$

There is a special place in hell for all of you

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