Deep Seated Corruption

So they denied my step 2 request to get out of the 9 month extension I’m under for both the Kratom and the false positive Peth test because I “didn’t meet my contract requirements for release” aka 2 years of sobriety from a FALSE POSITIVE alcohol test. This means the entire system is corrupt from the top down and no one cares.

My therapist told me today that she truly believes that anyone that gets referred to HPRP for any reason ends up in a contract, and she’s been doing this for 10 years. She said the problem has only gotten worse and worse and recently they even asked her to change her diagnosis on a patient (likely to meet criteria for a contract) even though they never meet us or even speak to us and therefore know nothing about us. They only give us a PO Box and we don’t even know where they’re located. We never even know the names of the people who decide our fate. And even though all my providers who have actually met me and know me agree that I should be relieved of these completely unethical extensions, these faceless nameless higher ups are forcing me to stay in my contract for another 9 months. There’s no way that’s not because of the extra 10.000$ in drug testing that’s going to end up costing me. And what can I do about it? Nothing. Sue them but It would take years and cost me a fortune and what would I really gain. This all feels so hopeless

One thought on “Deep Seated Corruption

  1. I’m late to the party. There is corruption in my state’s impaired nurse’s program, as well. The handful of addiction evaluators are also the treatment facilities. They generate their own clientele. Check the search for “ipn” on you’ll see. No doubt med professionals can need treatment. But the system for it in my state is corrupt.


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