False positives

So considering PEth testing is not actually FDA approved, and the minimum these programs use as a cut off is lower than the court system, what happens when you get a false positive? Well I’ll tell you exactly what. They punish you for it

I only got these results because I’m doing an appeal to the state medical board, otherwise I never would’ve seen this. I told them I didn’t drink and the only reason I could’ve thought for the positive result was the large amounts of alcohol based surgical scrub I was using, and then I just found out that it says on the ACTUAL REPORT that they can not exclude that as a reason for the positive result!!! Yet they’re using this ONE test result as the reason to keep me in this contract for an extra 9 months because I need “2 years of documented sobriety” and add on another 10 thousand dollars worth of drug testing. The problem is that by the time you get the results back it’s 2–3 weeks later and there’s no confirmatory test available to prove it. I don’t understand how any of this is legal and if I don’t win this appeal I’m 100% going to a lawsuit, which I might do regardless

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